Pregnant Rockville, MD, Woman Hit By MARC Train

On Friday, May 8, a commuter train in Rockville, Maryland t-boned a car sitting on the tracks driven by a pregnant woman. Twenty-five-year-old Cemile Valencia was boxed in on the tracks and even tried to bump the car in front of hers in order to escape the path of the train. The side of her car was crumpled and the crossing gate flew into the windshield, missing Valencia by less than a foot. The car spun several times before coming to a stop.

The car accident took place at the intersection of the Brunswick MARC line and Randolph Road.

Rescue workers responded to the scene of the car and train accident at around 5 p.m. Seven months pregnant, Valencia was rushed to Washington Medical Center with serious injuries, but authorities reported that she and her baby would fully recover from the car accident. Montgomery County Fire & Rescue told reporters a side airbag likely saved the woman’s life. Family members confirmed that although hospitalized, both mother and baby were stable and that the baby would not suffer negative affects due to the accident.

The 540 commuters aboard the five-car MARC train were taken off and given alternate transportation – no one else was injured in the accident. The northbound Brunswick line outside of Washington, DC, was delayed for several hours due to the train accident.

To prevent train and car collisions, never come to a stop on train tracks.

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