Preparation Can Keep You Safe From a D.C. Nighttime Bike Accident

Before heading out on your bike for a late night ride through the city, it’s important to understand that there is a heightened risk for injury associated with nighttime bike riding. The dark brings various measures of uncertainty with it, but taking a few simple, precautionary measures can help you avoid a serious bike accident in Washington, D.C. Here are just a few common safety concerns and tips that can be helpful on your next late night adventure.

  • Avoiding Bicycle Accidents With Automobiles – Be sure to have all necessary reflectors on your bike. These should be added to your wheels, bike pedals, behind the seat, and attached to the front handlebars. Wearing bright, reflective clothing, like a vest or coat, as well as choosing a reflective helmet, can provide added visibility to motorists at nighttime. Adding a strobe light to the front of your bike can also provide you with added visibility in the dark while riding on the road.
  • Staying Away From Dangerous Road Hazards – Riding in the dark can be dangerous, especially on routes you’re not familiar with. Potholes, uneven pavement, dirt trails, dark alleyways, unknown street curbs, and litter can all cause bicycle accidents unexpectedly. Only ride on bike paths you are familiar with during nighttime hours. Avoid riding new routes at night until you can travel on them during daylight hours, allowing you to become familiar with the unique characteristics attributed to each one.
  • Staying Safe Around Unsafe People on a Nighttime Bike Ride – A simple policy to stand by is “Don’t ride anywhere that you wouldn’t feel comfortable walking at night.” The reality is, there are many terrible things that can happen at night. There are fewer people on the streets to witness crimes, less visibility to clearly see potential problems, and a general sense of insecurity that can accompany nighttime hours. To be safe, always ride in well lit, populated areas that you are familiar with, always tell someone about the route you’ll be taking, and carry a charged cell phone with you in case of emergencies.

Even when you take every necessary precaution to avoid a bike accident injury, there still is a possibility that you could be involved in an accident. If this happens, having an experienced Washington, D.C. attorney on your side can help you understand and assert your rights, and obtain the compensation you deserve for your injuries. Contact Lewis & Tompkins today (202-296-0666) to schedule your free consultation.