Prevention Tips to Avoid Senseless Maryland Medical Mistakes

We know that Maryland medical mistakes do happen, and often have devastating effects on the individuals who fall victim to these negligent acts. Some errors are just a part of the nature of practicing medicine, while others are completely unnecessary. Before you undergo your next medical procedure, here are a few medical mistakes that you can easily prevent just back asking your doctors some simple questions that could save your life.

  • Treating the wrong patient is serious. Paperwork errors or failing to check patient identities can lead to patients receiving dangerous treatments. Prevention Tip: Always be sure that hospital staff members address you by name, and that your personal name is attached to every piece of paper authorizing any procedure.
  • Extended ER waits can be frustrating. Overcrowded waiting rooms, insufficient beds, and lack of trained staff can all contribute to Maryland medical errors happening. Prevention Tip: Have your primary care physician call the hospital ahead of time, if possible. Doctors listen to other doctors, and this can be a time saver in the ER.
  • Medical tube mix-ups happen more commonly than you may think. Tubes often look alike, and multiple tubes can become tangled together. Getting the wrong medication in the wrong spot could end up killing you. Prevention Tip: Whenever possible, have your doctors or nurses double check the tubes to make sure all medicine is being inserted into the correct one. Tracing a tube back only takes a moment and could save your life.
  • Waking up during surgery would be a nightmare for those who experience it. Anesthesia mistakes can causes patients to feel every part of a surgery, including each incision, needle poke, or stitch. Prevention Tip: when scheduling your surgery, discuss every aspect of your anesthesia procedure with your doctor, and determine what the best method of administration will be for your surgery.
  • Fake or unqualified doctors performing medical procedures is not just something from the movies. Scam artists pretend to be doctors, manipulating hospitals and patients. Doctors can pretend to be more experienced than they are, putting you at risk, too. Improper treatment procedures can be ordered, putting you in danger. Prevention Tip: Always check the credentials of your doctors and surgeons, and ask for recommendations from other doctors and patients.

If you have suffered because of a medical error in Maryland, talking to an experienced medical malpractice attorney is the first step in receiving justice for your injuries. Call Lewis & Tompkins, P.C. today (202-296-0666) to speak with an experienced medical malpractice attorney about your Maryland, Virginia, or D.C. medical error claims.