Product Recall: Flammable Blair Chenille Bath Robes Cause Six Deaths

After six women have died while wearing Chenille Robes made by Blair LCC, a national recall of the defective product is underway so that more don’t die. The full-length women’s robes are prone to catching fire and have been linked to six different fatal incidents across the country. Five of the deadly robe incidents happened while the women were cooking, and three of the women were in their 80s.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission
put out a warning on these robes in April, but the flammable material is still leading to fatal incidents. Blair Chenille robes were also officially recalled by the company in the same month – including item numbers 3093111, 3093112, 3093113, 3093114, 3093115, and 3093116. At that time, only three people had been killed while wearing the robe near an open flame. The robe failed to meet federal flammability requirements.

Blair has been aggressive in its defective product recall, sending out letters to each catalog and web site customers who had purchased a robe in the past – and sending out a follow-up letter to those who did not respond to the first contact. In addition, the company called 63,000 customers, placed ads in local papers, and posted information about the deadly robes on their web site. During this process, they learned of the three other robe-fire deaths.

Customers who return the robe will receive a full refund or a $50 Blair gift certificate. Those who have purchased robes are urged to contact Blair toll-free at (877) 392-7095.

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