Rain Visibility: Avoiding a Walking Accident During a Storm

Walking in a warm summer rain storm can sometimes be a very freeing and fun experience, especially when that means you’ll have the otherwise busy downtown sidewalks all to yourself. Who cares about a little rain, when you can finally get your window shopping done around Woodmont Triangle, undisturbed by throngs of people? Not you.

However, no matter how nice it may feel, how convenient it is for clearing out pedestrian traffic, or how abruptly it may start, rain can also be extremely treacherous and lead to catastrophic pedestrian accidents.

Pedestrian Safety Guidelines When Walking in the Rain

Bad weather and torrential downpours make it extremely difficult for drivers to see pedestrians and adjust their speeds to avoid collisions. That is why, if you’re caught walking during a storm, you must always remember to follow these safety guidelines:

  • Never assume a car will see you. Rain, fog and grey clouds can make it extremely difficult to see smaller objects while driving; the driver’s attention is generally focused on avoiding large cars and he may not notice you walking in the street.
  • Don’t misjudge a car’s ability to stop in time. Remember that slippery roads can increase stopping distance
  • Always cross the street at a crosswalk. In bad weather, drivers should always stop at crosswalks even if they can’t immediately see pedestrians. By the same token, pedestrians should not try to cross a street in an unexpected area but should traipse to the crosswalk before crossing.
  • Wear bright colors. Dark clouds, sheets of rain, mist, and fog can turn the world a monochromatic grey which makes movement difficult to distinguish; bright colors increase your chance of being seen before it’s too late.

Pedestrian accidents are generally extremely traumatic and, if not fatal, can require months, years, and even a lifetime of treatment and care. Don’t allow bad weather and poor judgments to ruin your life: memorize these tips to make sure you’re only worry is how to dry your clothes, not how to recover from your injuries.

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