Safety Inspections for Your Car are NOT Optional

Yes, getting your car inspected every year is time consuming. And yes, getting your car inspected can be expensive, especially if it turns out that your car needs several things repaired in order for it to pass.

But how would you feel if you caused an accident or, even worse, caused someone to get seriously hurt because you didn’t bother to get your car inspected? What if your brakes fail? What if your horn doesn’t work? What if your tires aren’t good enough? What if your blinkers don’t work?

A better way to look at it would be to reverse that situation. What if you got hit by a driver who didn’t bother to have his car inspected? Or didn’t bother to fix what was wrong?
In Maryland, Virginia and D.C., getting your car inspected is the law. Don’t put it off and don’t delay getting needed repairs.

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