Safety Tips to Prevent a Wrong-Way Crash in Virginia

Nobody wants to get into a car accident, or deal with the aftermath that results. The idea of driving head on towards a wrong-way driver can be a nightmare, especially since the end result is usually quite devastating. But, before you come face to face with a wrong way driver, there are a few lifesaving steps that you can take to prevent a catastrophic car accident in Virginia from happening.

  1. Pay attention further down the road. Instead of only looking at the cars directly in front of you, look further ahead. By looking much further down the road, you may have time to pull off the road and get out of the way if a wrong-way driver is coming toward you.
  2. Swerve to the right. In many instances, wrong-way drivers stay in the faster, left lane, believing that they are driving in the proper lane (the slower, right lane). By staying as far right as possible, you may give the wrong-way driver more room to pass by safely.
  3. Buckle up. Most wrong-way crashes involve head-on collisions. Wearing your seat belt may be the only thing that saves your life.
  4. Make your vehicle noticeable. Flash your lights. Honk your horn. Do whatever you need to do to try and get the other driver’s attention to the danger of the situation.
  5. Help save a life. Call 9-1-1 as soon as you can safely stop. Report the wrong-way driver to police. Describe the vehicle, driver, location and direction on the road, time you passed the wrong-way driver, and any other important information to help authorities safely get to the driver as quickly as possible.
  6. Be sure you’re not the wrong-way driver. Many road reflectors are actually dual-colored. They are yellow or white on one side and red on the other, in an effort to warn wrong-way drivers. If you look at the reflectors, and see red, you need to stop and turn around right away. You’re actually the wrong-way driver!

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