Salmonella Scare Prompts Another Beef Recall

After two people have reported food poisoning after eating beef products, a California company is recalling almost 23,000 pounds of beef products to prevent a salmonella outbreak. According to the beef company’s spokesperson Mark Klein, the salmonella beef recall is voluntary and the company is simply taking precautions.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service says that Beef Packers Inc., produced the possibly tainted beef products on September 23 and that the food packaging contains the case code EST. 31913. Retailers and grocery stores have been asked to pull the food from their shelves while consumers are asked to inquire with their retailers about the recalled beef. The USDA has released a list of over 100 Safeway grocery stores that sold the tainted meat. The meat was packaged as ground beef.

Some government officials, such as Rep. Rosa DeLauro, is calling for major action against Beef Packers due to the recent salmonella recall and the company’s poor history with the National School Lunch Program, which has resulted in three suspensions due to health and safety concerns. Some say that investigators should try to examine and fix the problems at the meat factory, while others want to see the plant closed.

Earlier this year, the same company recalled 860,000 pounds of beef for the same reason – the threat of the food borne illness from salmonella. Consumers with questions about the meat recalls should contact Beef Packers directly (877) 435-4071.

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