Settlement Reached In Maryland Pedestrian Wrongful Death Suit

The Maryland Coast Dispatch reported earlier this month that the wrongful death civil suit involving a deadly Snow Hill pedestrian accident has been privately settled after two years of legal proceedings. The confidential settlement included all claims and lead to the case being dismissed with prejudice.

The accident occurred in June of 2007 when 21-year-old Tyler Adams of Easton and 21-year-old Dale Blankenship of Easton were crossing Coastal Highway at around two in the morning. A third young man driving a Jeep Cherokee, 19-year-old Brian Scott, hit both Easton men, injuring Blankenship’s foot and hitting Adams head on. Adams was thrown over the vehicle and later died of his pedestrian accident injuries at a nearby hospital two days later.

Adams’ family filed for a combined $1.75 million in compensatory and punitive damages in a wrongful death lawsuit in August after no criminal charges were made. Both Adams and Scott were intoxicated at the time of the accident. Scott was underage and ran a red light when he struck the men, though the men were not crossing in a designated crosswalk. The pedestrian accident attorneys involved in the case argued mainly about whether or not malice was present in Scott’s actions, a standard for non-intentional wrongful death civil suits in Maryland such as this one.

None of the Maryland wrongful death attorneys involved in this case could comment on the details of the wrongful death settlement. Both of Adams’ parents, the victim’s mother, Holly Davis, and the victim’s father, Timothy Adams, were involved in the MD wrongful death case.

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