Seven Signs That Your Car Has Been Damaged by DC Potholes

It's hard to drive anywhere in DC without hitting a pothole. While potholes aren’t unusual in the DC metro area, the long winter and recent storms have caused a record amount of road damage. D.C.'s Department of Transportation filled more than four times as many potholes during this year’s Potholepalooza campaign as it did in 2013. And, the road repairs continue.

Potholes are hard to avoid. If you see a large pothole, you may have no option except to drive through it. This can cause damage to your car.

Many times, the damage is subtle. You’ve been driving over potholes all winter and spring. You haven’t noticed any visible damage, but potholes put a huge strain on your car’s suspension and shocks. If they are deep, they can have an impact similar to a 35-mph car accident.

Seven Signs That Your Car May Have Pothole Damage

  1. Your car pulling to the left or right; this can indicate a wheel alignment problem.
  2. You have uneven tire wear, another sign of a wheel alignment problem.
  3. Your tire pressure is low.
  4. There are bulges or blisters on the tire sidewalls.
  5. There are dents or dings in your wheel rims.
  6. Your car seems to bounce more on rough roads.
  7. Your vehicle sways when you make turns.

If you notice any of these problems, ask your mechanic to check your car for damage.

VDOT, the City of DC, and Maryland counties are working hard to repair this year’s potholes. But repair work takes time. In the meantime, try to avoid potholes when possible. If you can’t avoid the pothole, slow down and hold the steering firmly to avoid losing control. You can find out if there potholes on your route by checking the DDOT pothole repair website.

Have you noticed any unusually large potholes this spring? Post a comment and share your DC pothole horror story. We’d love to hear about your experience.