Snow Responsible For Fatal Accident On I-68 Involving Maryland Man

The rate of car accidents and car accident fatalities rises in the winter when roads can be icy and visibility can be affected by snow and fog. This week on Interstate 68, a Maryland man was killed after lost control of his car on newly fallen snow.

State Police reported that the unnamed 30-something male was driving westbound around a curve in I-68 when he slid across the highway, across the median, and into oncoming eastbound traffic. The car flipped over and was struck by an oncoming minivan.

The Maryland man was pronounced dead at the scene of the car accident, while the two occupants in the minivan were transported to a nearby hospital by emergency workers. They were treated for minor injuries and released. While police say that snowfall was the major factor in the car accident case, the causes of the rollover accident are still being investigated.