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While this story highlights the dangers pedestrians face when crossing the road, it really brings home the dangers children face. The driver was rushing or distracted, and changed lanes at the intersection to “go around” stopped traffic. That sudden move got a young girl seriously injured.

If you know someone hurt as a pedestrian, call our office at 202-296-0666.

The Facts:

*Motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death in children ages 5 to 14.

*Children riding in the back seat of a vehicle reduce their risk of a fatal injury by 30% in cars that do not have passenger front seat airbags.

Please take the time to check your child’s crib to make sure it is not subject to this recall. I have seen video (to be posted later) that shows how the <plastic> latch can break on the crib. Once broken, the crib rail and be easily pushed open just enough to allow the baby’s head to poke through. The baby will then strangle.