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By now, most of us know that motorcycles—while offering many great benefits—can be incredibly dangerous. The dangers are really threefold, and no matter how experienced and skilled a motorcyclist you are, you will always be competing with at least two of the dangers.

The first is the physical nature of the bike itself—small and exposed, it does not offer much protection from larger vehicles on the road. The second danger, which usually affects less experienced riders, is the rider. Not understanding the limits of their motorcycle or their skill, “young” riders are more prone to accidents. The third danger is other drivers on the road, and no matter your skill level, these drivers will always pose a problem.

So with these three dangers in mind, it is no wonder that one type of motorcycle in particular contributes to a large portion of D.C. area motorcycle accidents, as well as motorcycle crashes across the country. High performance bikes, including sport and supersport motorcycles, are lightweight and very high-powered. These motorcycles are capable of very high speeds, and typically attract younger riders under the age of 35.