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Documenting the time you miss from work will increase the value of your case significantly. Missed time from work is compensable in itself (you get paid for the time you were off), but also is evidence of a more serious injury. If you were hurt but went to work, it appears (rightly or wrongly) that you were not as seriously injured as someone else may have been.

Check out our wage verification form for an idea as to the type of information that an adjuster (or ultimately, a jury if necessary) will need to see evidence of your wages:
The name and address of your employer
A brief description of your position
How much you make, and how you get paid (hourly, salary, commission, etc.)
The dates you missed from work
The date you went back to work

You will have to prove you have paid your taxes. Be prepared to show a pay stub showing your withholdings or a tax return if a case has to go to Court.

At least 6 people have died in the worst Metrorail collision in the system’s history. Preliminary news reports indicate that one train on Metro’s Red Line struck the rear of another train stopped on the track. At this point, the investigation is just beginning.

For those injured and for the families of those killed, I feel very sorry and express my deepest sympathies. If you need help with a claim against Metro, you should contact competent, experienced legal counsel immediately. Metro is notoriously difficult to deal with on injury claims. Metro is self-insured, they have no insurance.

The Inauguration of Barack Obama is now over, and the 1.2 million people who flooded into our hometown are now gone. The Mall has been cleaned up, the Hotels are back to having rooms available, and D.C. can now go back to what passes for normal around here.

While the inauguration was amazing enough, what strikes us as even more important was that nobody got hurt.

Car accidents and pedestrian accidents happen in DC constantly, and they happen whether Congress is in session or not, or if the President is in town or not, or if the Supreme Court is in session or not, or if the Wizards, Capitals, or Nationals are in town or not.

Yes, getting your car inspected every year is time consuming. And yes, getting your car inspected can be expensive, especially if it turns out that your car needs several things repaired in order for it to pass.

But how would you feel if you caused an accident or, even worse, caused someone to get seriously hurt because you didn’t bother to get your car inspected? What if your brakes fail? What if your horn doesn’t work? What if your tires aren’t good enough? What if your blinkers don’t work?

A better way to look at it would be to reverse that situation. What if you got hit by a driver who didn’t bother to have his car inspected? Or didn’t bother to fix what was wrong?

There is a perfectly logical tendency among Americans to cut back on their insurance coverage once they have paid off their cars.

It makes sense. Why continue to pay for total coverage when the overall value of the car is worth less than the cost of repairs?

But when you have your car paid off, and when you call your insurance company to cut your coverage back down to simple liability coverage, you should make sure that you still have Personal Injury Protection (PIP).

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is providing automatic updates via e-mail or text messaging.

Whenever there is a safety recall involving tires or child safety seats, subscribers will recieve information in their e-mail accounts or PDA’s.

We think signing up for this service would be a good idea, particularly if you have small children.

The Department of Transportation recently released a study showing that teens arent wearing their safety belts when they arent supervised.

Predictably, the number of teens involved in fatal accidents who arent wearing their seat belts is alarmingly high.

Follow the link for more information, and take the time to make it clear to your teenage driver that wearing a seat belt is not optional.

Anyone who is interested in a good and thorough explanation of what “tort reform” is should follow the link below.

Have you ever noticed that those who say the legal system is “broken” or moan about “activist judges” are always the ones who are losing court cases?

With gas being as expensive as it is, you would think that less people would be driving this summer. But regardless of price, summer is the time for vacations and driving and sponsored trips.

The NHTSA has released a study showing that those 15 passenger vans used by churches and boyscout troops can roll over pretty easily.

Follow the link below for more information.

The 2007 statistics are a little more promising than 2006. The overall crash rate is going down nationwide, but here in DC the number of people who were killed in car accidents actually went up 19%.

To view the report, follow the link below.