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#1 Insurance company and body shop agree to repair price. Additional work needs to be done after repair begins (called a supplemental). Body shop contacts insurance company adjuster. Adjuster agrees that additional work needs to be done. Body shop completes work and contacts insurance adjuster for check for all the work performed. Adjuster, after agreeing to repairs, now decides NOT to pay for supplemental. Current status:

1. Car still in shop, repaired, but will not be released until payment is made.
2. Insurance company not paying for car.
3. Insurance company now cuts off rental.
4. Client has no car, no rental, and a bill for damages insurance company already agreed were necessary.

5. Client, who had no intention of calling a lawyer, now calls Lewis & Tompkins, P.C., D.C.’s car accident legal specialists, to fix this situation. Who needs to advertise when you have insurance adjusters making work for you?

If you follow this link:

you will find an article from that describes how the readings from a cars “black box” data recorder can be admissable as evidence in a murder trial.

In case you were wondering, insurance companies also deny claims for doctors as well.

The AMA has just put out a report card for every major health insurance company, grading them on how long it takes for them to pay what they owe to doctors.

Follow this link to see how your insurance company rates.