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This chart shows recent pedestrian and bicycle accident data from the District of Columbia:

DC PED Injury graphs
As you can see, pedestrian fatalities are getting more frequent and more severe.

At Lewis & Tompkins PC, we are seeing more pedestrian and bicycle accident victims.  In our experience, inattentive drivers (I’m talking to you, cell phone users)  and hectic rush hour traffic are the most frequent causes of cars hitting pedestrians and bicyclists.

So I was asked to appear on WPFW 89.3 this morning with Dave Rayburn to discuss the most dangerous intersections for pedestrians in Washington, D.C. We had a really nice discussion of what intersections are the most dangerous and why.

The worst intersections mostly fall in a very dense cluster around K Street NW between 12th Street and 20th Street NW.

There are a number of reasons why these locations are so dangerous to pedestrians:

While this story highlights the dangers pedestrians face when crossing the road, it really brings home the dangers children face. The driver was rushing or distracted, and changed lanes at the intersection to “go around” stopped traffic. That sudden move got a young girl seriously injured.

If you know someone hurt as a pedestrian, call our office at 202-296-0666.

The Inauguration of Barack Obama is now over, and the 1.2 million people who flooded into our hometown are now gone. The Mall has been cleaned up, the Hotels are back to having rooms available, and D.C. can now go back to what passes for normal around here.

While the inauguration was amazing enough, what strikes us as even more important was that nobody got hurt.

Car accidents and pedestrian accidents happen in DC constantly, and they happen whether Congress is in session or not, or if the President is in town or not, or if the Supreme Court is in session or not, or if the Wizards, Capitals, or Nationals are in town or not.