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According to a recent study by Allstate, D.C.s drivers rank among the worst in the nation. And by “among,” we mean “the worst.”

Our drivers average one accident every 5.4 years. This is not something to be proud of.

To see an article about this, follow the link below.

If you follow this link:

you will find an article from that describes how the readings from a cars “black box” data recorder can be admissable as evidence in a murder trial.

Follow this link to a fairly heartbreaking article about a parent who lost his child due to medical errors.

Keep in mind, 98,000 people a year is the equivalent of a major plane crash happening every single day.

In case you were wondering, insurance companies also deny claims for doctors as well.

The AMA has just put out a report card for every major health insurance company, grading them on how long it takes for them to pay what they owe to doctors.

Follow this link to see how your insurance company rates.

With gas in the neighborhood of $4 a gallon, more people are choosing to walk or bike to work. With more bikes and pedestrians on the street, the public probably needs a refresher course on bicycle safety.

The Post recently put out an article that gives a pretty good rundown on how to share the roads responsibly. Follow the link below to see the article.