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The emergency room is never a place any of us want to visit, but most of us will see the inside of an emergency room at some point in our lives. Do you also know the leading reasons why? There are seven procedures that account for 80% of all emergency room trips. The study, published in JAMA Surgery, identified the following seven procedures:

  • Partial Colectomy
  • Small-bowel resection

The Senate recently passed the Lilly Ledbetter law into effect, and we view that as a cause for celebration.

For those of you who don’t know, Lilly Ledbetter was a woman who, unbeknownst to her, was receiving less pay at her job than her male counterparts over a period of years.

When she finally found out, she filed a lawsuit. The suit went all the way up the judicial ladder to the Supreme Court, where they ruled against her suit on the grounds that the statute of limitations had run out on her claim by the time that she filed it. We viewed that decision as patently absurd.

By following that link, you will be able to read an article that describes the latest in safety advances in automobiles. While we applaud any advancement in safety technology, we still can’t help but notice that the number of crashes in Virginia, Maryland and DC have remained more or less static. As DC car accident lawyers, we think that in addition to new safety features, there should also be a focus on safer driver behavior.

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