Taxi Meters Still on Mayor Fenty’s Agenda

A new study has shown that taxi meters are basically a wash for cab drivers in DC, with shorter downtown runs having lower fares, and longer, cross town runs having higher fares. Mayor Fenty and the D.C. Taxi Commission have to make a decision now, whether to stand up to Congress and defy the “meter mandate” or to stick up for the many small businessmen who drive us around the city all the time. It seems that poor people, taxi drivers and the elderly all seem to favor the set fare zone system — with no increased fares for traffic or detours. It also seems that rich, downtown Hill/Lawyer/Lobbyist/Corporate wonks want to save fifty cents on each fare. Our office has represented cab drivers for nearly fifty years now, and we have seen the meter issue come and go repeatedly. Now it seems it may actually happen.

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