Teach Your Child To Cross The Street Safely

No matter how young your children might be, it is never too early to teach them about how to safely cross the road at intersections. Even the simplest rules and most basic common sense can save your child from a pedestrian accident that results in serious injury or death. Here are some quick pedestrian safety tips:

· Cross at marked crosswalks whenever possible.

· Make contact with any drivers who are stopped in the intersection.

· Don’t run across the street.

· Don’t dart out from behind objects into the road.

· Look both ways before crossing.

· If a car is approaching in the distance, try to gauge its speed before crossing.

· Never assume a car will stop for you.

· Don’t stop looking to your left and right while making your way across the street.

· Enlist the help of a cross guard if there is one.

· Listen for cars before crossing the street.