These Simple Questions Could Prevent Your D.C. Rx Medication Injuries

We trust our doctors and pharmacists. They have the education, knowledge, and experience to treat our aches and pains. When mistakes happen, asking “Why?” is a natural response. However, knowing a few simple questions to ask your doctor or pharmacist before you take your next pill, cream application, or syrup could help prevent an unnecessary prescription medication injury in D.C. from happening to you.

5 Questions Could Prevent a Prescription Error

  • What exactly is this medication, and why are you prescribing it to me?
  • What are the potential side effects that come with the medication, and what should I do if they happen to me?
  • How long do I need to stay on this medication? Will I be able to decrease my dosage over time?
  • Can this prescription medication have any negative reactions to any other drugs that I am taking?
  • What are the specific instructions regarding this medication that I need to pay close attention to? (For example: time of day to take it, dosage recommendations, take with or without food or drink, age or gender limitations.)

When asking these questions, if possible, write down any and all answers you doctor provides you. This will help you remember later on whether the symptoms you experience after taking the medication are normal or not. It can also help to ensure that you are following all of the medication instructions carefully, as recommended by your physician.

Then, be sure to research the medication your doctor prescribes. Ask for any literature your health care provider may have concerning the medication. And, be sure to tell you doctor EVERYTHING you are taking in terms of medication. This can help prevent unnecessary complications between conflicting medications.

Finally, before leaving your pharmacy, make sure that the medication you were given matches that which your doctor prescribed to you. Check the label to be sure that the name and type of medication is the same as the information your doctor provided you with.

Knowing exactly what you are putting into your body can help reduce the chances of being injured due to a prescription error. However, if you do suffer serious medical side effects from prescription medication mistakes, the experienced Washington, D.C., medical malpractice attorneys at Lewis & Tompkins may be able to help you receive the fair and full financial compensation you deserve. Call 202-296-0666 today to talk about your case with a personal injury attorney.