Tragic Driving-Bike Accident Claims Life of Virginia Man

A local bicycle crash in Woodbridge, VA that recently claimed the life of one male cyclist is just one of numerous bicycle accidents occurring in the D.C. metro area over the last few months.

The details in this particular accident, which occurred early September, involve a teenage female and a 66-year-old male cyclist, both traveling in front of Hylton High School. Police say that the cyclist was riding on the sidewalk in front of the school when a Ford Mustang, driven by a 17-year-old female, left the roadway, traveled over the curb, and struck the man. Authorities stated that she continued traveling forward until she eventually struck a light pole, dragging the victim more than 150 feet in the process.

The cyclist, who was not yet identified, was pronounced dead at the scene. The driver, a high school student not from Hylton, was reportedly not injured in the accident.

Police and investigators at the scene were investigating whether the teen was texting while driving, and whether alcohol or drugs were contributing factors in the crash. There is also concern about the teen’s speed at the time of the accident.

Most of Spriggs Road has a 45 mph speed limit, except for the particular stretch directly in front of the school, which has a reduced speed limit of 25 mph during school hours.

Although police declined to comment directly about the driver’s speed, evidence at the scene showed that the vehicle came to a stop several feet away from the light pole it slammed into. There were also no clear skid marks on the roadway to indicate sudden braking.

Any accident that injures or kills someone is a tragedy, and at Lewis & Tompkins, our hearts go out to the family and loved ones grieving the loss of this man who was struck. D.C. bicycle and vehicle accidents happen for so many different reasons, but when inexperienced teenage drivers, possible texting or other distractions are involved, and excessive speeds are all combined together, the outcomes can be devastating.

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