Two Teen Pedestrians, Victims in Possible Gaithersburg Drag Race

Our team of attorneys at Lewis & Tompkins have learned about two teens that became the victims of a possible drag racing accident in Montgomery County around 3:00 p.m. on January 24.

According to Montgomery County police, two cars were traveling north on Muncaster Mill Road between Woodfield Road and Shady Grove Road. The drivers of the two vehicles, also teens, were traveling on northbound Muncaster Mill Road, which runs two-lane for a stretch of road until the lanes merge into one. At this point, one of the cars drove off of the road, and hit two pedestrians walking. The other vehicle apparently struck a utility pole.

Officials stated that one of the pedestrians was killed in the crash, and a second was injured as well. That teen was taken to the hospital to receive medical treatment, and was listed in critical but stable condition. A third pedestrian walking in the group was uninjured in the accident.

The three girls walking along the road were students at a nearby church and school, located down the street from the accident site. In an interview following the accident, the pastor of the church, Pastor Joshua Harris, spoke highly of the young teens and their impact on their church community.

Currently, police are investigating the crash, looking to confirm the exact cause of the accident. The initial clues indicated possible drag racing and speed were a factor, but no official cause has been identified as of yet.

The teen drivers of the two vehicles were also transported to the hospital for the injuries they suffered in the crash. They are expected to be OK.

At Lewis & Tompkins, we’d like to remind you that no brief thrill of speed is worth the risk of loss of life or safety of another individual. Please exercise caution every time you get behind the wheel of your vehicle, and remember to obey all traffic laws. They may not be as exciting as a drag race, but your own health and safety deserve it!

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