Uninsured Motorist Coverages for Taxicabs in the District of Columbia

Did you know that the taxi you get into every day in the District of Columbia has less insurance than any other car on the road? Its true. Our firm represents many taxicab drivers who have been injured on the road by the negligence of other motorists. Unfortunately, taxicabs cannot carry the basic insurance coverages necessary to protect their occupants from financial harm.

Somehow, years ago, the D.C. Government allowed a loophole to let taxicabs carry substantially less insurance than any other car on the road.

Every private car in that drives in the District of Columbia must carry a minimum of $25,000 in liability insurance for each person, $50,000 in coverage per accident. That liability insurance must also cover accidents caused by uninsured motorists. In D.C., forty percent of the vehicles on the road do not have insurance! Because of that, the D.C. Law requires each vehicle to carry uninsured motorist coverages. (see our Frequently Asked Question about Uninsured Motorist Coverages.)

Taxicabs cannot carry uninsured motorist coverages. Why? Good question. There is absolutely no defensible reason why taxicabs should carry less insurance than any other car on the road. The only insurance companies that sell taxicab insurance do not provide uninsured motorist coverages, which means that it is not even available in D.C. Taxicabs also cannot carry medical expense coverages or Personal Injury Protection.

I have been working with the D.C. Government to fix this situation. I intend to make taxicab coverages mirror at least what other cars must carry. With some help from the D.C. Council, the District Insurance Commissioner and the Taxicab Commission, I hope to help protect taxicab drivers and the general public from this loophole in the law that makes taxicabs carry less insurance than other cars.