Wal-Mart Pharmacy Settles Wrongful Death Lawsuit Involving Maryland Man

According to WJZ.com and the Associated Press, an Elkton, Maryland family has reached a settlement with Wal-Mart regarding the wrongful death of a Wal-Mart Pharmacy customer. The lawsuit claims that a man died in direct result of a prescription medicine mix-up in which an elderly man was given the drugs of someone else. The incident took place in Cecil County in the spring of 2007.

North East, Maryland, resident 6-year-old George Smith became ill after taking someone else’s prescription medications for over a week in March of 2007. His condition worsened and the man died at Union Hospital in Elkton after the incident. The man’s two adult children sued the superstore a year later for $3 million in emotional suffering damages.

This week, on Monday, February 2, 2009, the Smiths’ attorney announced that the family and Wal-Mart had reached a favorable and private sealed lawsuit settlement regarding the personal injury victim, the details of which have been sealed by a Baltimore judge. Wal-Mart is the country’s leading retailer.

Wal-Mart is also involved in litigation surrounding the Black Friday trampling death of one of its contact workers. In this wrongful death case, family members are suing after their son was used as temporary staff during the holiday season at Wal-Mart. During the Black Friday sale, the man was crushed as doors opened and shoppers attempted to take advantage of the one-day deals. Authorities estimate that 2,000 people stepped on the man’s downed body during the personal injury incident that led to his death. The family is suing the mall, the Wal-Mart, and the temporary staffing agency with recklessness, gross negligence, and disregard for safety. The family points a lack of safety barriers and security guards during an event that the store owners should have known would attract thousands of frantic holiday shoppers.

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