Washington, D.C. Car Accident Lawyers Share What You Need to Keep in Your Car in Case of Emergency

We’ve all seen those cars on our commute back and forth to work—stuck on the side of a highway after a fender bender or breakdown, drawing a strange mix of stares and sympathy from fellow commuters.

On this website, we focus a lot on what to do after an accident—sometimes well after the fact. What you do immediately following an accident can have a huge impact on the size and success of your claim, but before you even think about that, there are things you must do to keep yourself, your vehicle, and any other involved parties safe after an accident or breakdown.

A roadside emergency kit is an absolutely essential part of your car, and yet so many drivers do not have one. Sometimes, this kit is the difference between a simple fender bender that every vehicle occupant walks away from and a serious roadside wreck.

This kit does not have to be complex—a few key items can save the day. Here is what we suggest as the staples in your roadside emergency kit:

  • Reflective hazard triangles, flares, or warning lights can make sure that you and your car are visible to other drivers.
  • A cell phone and car charger, to be sure that you are able to reach someone when you need it most. Also, your phone can be used as a camera to document an accident.
  • A first aid kit is critical for addressing minor cuts and burns on the scene.
  • A small flashlight can come in handy at night.
  • Something to write with and something to write on is always good to have on hand—you never know when you will have to exchange information with someone.

While we never anticipate being involved in a District, Virginia, or Maryland car accident, being prepared for one can help you ensure that you do not experience unnecessary injury or damage on the scene. Many kits can also contain tools and supplies for simple repairs, but even the above items can be invaluable in the moment.

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