Were Tires to Blame in Pedestrian Death in Woodbridge Car Crash

Our attorneys at Lewis & Tompkins have recently learned of a tragic car accident in Woodbridge that occurred in mid-October that claimed the life of one female pedestrian. The cause of this fatal car accident has been attributed to insufficient tire tread depth, a factor that many drivers fail to even think about when getting into a vehicle.

On Saturday, October 12, Mohamed-Kareem Mohamed, 21, was traveling near the intersection of Old Bridge Road and Clipper Driver around 9:30 a.m. when he lost control of his vehicle and drove onto the sidewalk. His vehicle then struck Zenaida Ines Jimenez, 58, who was taking her dog for a walk.

Jimenez was taken to an area hospital to receive medical treatment, but died shortly afterward. Her dog was not injured in the fatal accident, and was released to Jimenez’ family members.

Authorities at the scene stated that a tire on Mohamed’s BMW was insufficient tire tread, causing the vehicle to lose control while traveling on the wet roadway.

Police have charged Mohamed with reckless driving and insufficient tire tread depth in the case.

A lack of sufficient tire tread on a vehicle’s tire not only reduces a vehicle’s “grip” on the pavement, but it can also increase the risk of experiencing a tire explosion. A lack of traction can be extremely dangerous when hazardous road conditions like rain, snow, or sleet are present, or when emergency braking is required. A tire explosion is dangerous at any speed, but can be especially catastrophic when a vehicle is traveling at high speeds. Not only can drivers lose control of their vehicles, but also a tire explosion could lead to a rollover crash as well.

At Lewis & Tompkins, we would like to extend our deepest condolences to the family and friends grieving the loss of Ms. Jimenez during this difficult time.

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