Why Hispanics Are at Great Risk for Pedestrian Accidents

Certain people are more likely to become victims of Maryland pedestrian accidents than others. For instance, along with young boys, Hispanic pedestrians are at the top of the list for being struck by vehicles. Baltimore and Annapolis are two major tourist areas that are heavily populated with pedestrians. Knowing why this demographic is at an increased risk for getting into an accident may prevent you from causing trauma.

More Likely to Walk and Bike

When Hispanics arrive to the area, many use bikes and walking as their main source of transportation. Walking and biking doesn’t provide the kind of protection a vehicle does, which is dangerous, particularly if they are traveling on busy roadways like Route 3 or Ritchie Highway.

Not Familiar With English

  • When coming to a new country, many aren’t completely familiar with the language. If this is the case, they may not be able to read the signs that direct them where to go. The result: Greater potential for getting hit by a car.

Not Accustomed to Signs and Traffic Practices

  • If you’re not accustomed to the way traffic patterns and practices work, you could be in trouble. Attempting to cross a busy highway when you’re not sure what to do puts you at risk for getting into an accident. Not understanding what the signs mean also increases your chances of getting struck.

You can help prevent Maryland pedestrian accidents by paying attention to those around you. Assuming that bicyclists or pedestrians will stop for you can have grave consequences.

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