Why It’s Hard to Prove Mobile Phone Use Caused a Car Crash

It’s no secret that many drivers talk on their cell phones while behind the wheel. What is a secret, however, is how many crashes are actually caused by this act. If your Baltimore Beltway crash was caused by a negligent driver having a phone conversation while operating his vehicle, you may never know the truth.

Proving negligence in a Maryland car crash due to phone usage can be tricky. Here are some hurdles to proving negligence:

Negligent Driver Denies Using His Phone

Admitting that you were on the phone at the time of the car crash makes you look bad, particularly if the crash caused fatalities. For this reason, many drivers don’t confess to their actions, which is why cell phone use in accidents is largely underreported.

Witness Testimony Is Shaky

Witnesses of the accident quite often don’t have clear views of what the driver was doing at the time of the crash, so they are unable to see if the driver was using a cell phone at the time. Additionally, witness testimony and statements are often inaccurate, leaving us with information that is not reliable.

Lack of Hard Core Evidence

Unless there is photographic or video evidence of the driver on the phone during the crash, proving this is quite difficult. Cell phone records are not easily obtained, and there is no test that can prove a driver was talking on the phone.

Cell phones are major distractions that can cause serious accidents and life-changing injuries. Phone use while driving is one of the leading causes of accidents on roadways across the nation. Do your part in making your road journey safer: Stay off the phone and stay alert!

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