Why Younger Males Are More at Risk for Pedestrian Accidents

According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, young boys are more likely to become involved in pedestrian accidents than any other demographic. For those who have sons or young men they care about, this news is unsettling. Understanding why younger males are at risk for such an incident could help prevent the one you love from becoming the victim of a Virginia pedestrian accident.

Crossing at Intersections

Intersections are designed to keep pedestrians safe, but unfortunately, that isn’t always the case. Pedestrians still need to be alert and cautious when crossing.

Darting Out

It’s unlikely your child will dart out on a busy road like 95, but if he runs out into a neighborhood street to capture a loose football, he could become a victim of a pedestrian accident. Not looking before he goes into the street could cost him his life.

Exiting the School Bus

Children are also prone to colliding with vehicles when they are exiting school buses. If they have to cross a busy road after getting off the buses, their chances of getting struck increase. Kids don’t always pay attention to the road and often forget to look both ways when they are leaving, and can get seriously injured as a result.

Knowing the risk factors that play a role in these accidents can help you make your child aware of what the dangers are, and possibly prevent them from happening. Sometimes, however, despite your best efforts, things can still go wrong.

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